Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February.... busy month!!!

Well first off, I hope that everyone had a great Valentines Day with the ones they love! We had our Valentines on Sunday because D had to work yesterday but we grilled chicken and had a great dinner. Yesterday Trace and I spent the day together being lazy on the couch and watching Tru Blood (which I am not addicted to.)

I also made chili for the first time, it turned out ok but I will try a different recipe next time! :)
Trace turned 4 months on Valentines as well and it breaks my heart to think about how fast he is growing up! He was sick all weekend but thank God he is feeling much better now!

My birthday is coming up and I will be 26... I feel old saying that but this year is going to be wonderful! I have two amazing guys in my life that make feeling old feel better!!! :) My parents and nephew are coming to visit this weekend and to celebrate my birthday with me! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!